Metabolizing ~ k.i.s.s.

Keeping Me Healthy

The process involving a set of chemical reactions that modifies a molecule into another for storage, or for immediate use in another reaction or as a by product.

metabolism is used as a metaphor for psychological functioning. People grow through biting off an appropriate-sized piece (be this food or ideas or relationships), chewing it (considering), and discovering whether it is nourishing or toxic

As one discovers each moment that he experiences…
conscious gestalts(stimuli, senses far & close, emotional response  that together form temporal “phenomena”)  form out of the unconscious  background.
Assessing  these moments, is a matter of deciding what bits and pieces are “swallowed” (and nourishing) and what rejected
This happens at a metaphorical boundary between differences known as Contact“.  In this case Contact is between the subject -and- what-he-is-not,  at that moment.

Metabolism at contact boundary is holistic  body/mind/environment experiential adventure.

Keeping Me Healthy.









I Do My Thing, You Do Your Thing Poster

I made a web poster for a friend:

I do my thing you do your thingI do my thing, you do your thing
(click on the poster for full size)

The words are a poem by  Fritz Perls and they are usually titled the “Gestalt Prayer“. Its not really a prayer, other than being a statement of affirmation. The poem could have been titled the “Gestalt Mantra” or “Gestalt Chant”.
What Perls  wished to affirm, I believe, is the spirit of independence and relative self reliance, that… with the concepts of  personal growth, sustainability and responsibility, are at the core of his Gestalt Therapy Theory.
-An existential phenomenology .

The Gestalt Prayer can be found in the work  “Gestalt Therapy Verbatim” by F. Perls.  The photo is mine… for some reason I like to photograph bees. I hope you find it to be a cool affirmation poster.
Thanks to Fritz and Laura Perls and the rest of the “gestalts”  for there inspiring words.

Daily Affirmation Poster Updated

Today, Right Here, Right Now

I am feeling _________________________
I am really good at _________________________
I value most of all _________________________
I feel anxious about __________________________
If i had one wish, one thing that
I’d like to see happen it would be______________

I check my head , I check my breath
And I know everything will be alright.

Fill in the blanks.

the origional version I made of  poster like this …on a post where I boasted my Stewart Smalley like, “the- joy -of- the-therapy” attitude towards mental wellness… well that poster had a typo.
So I’ve posted again a new  “grammatically correct” version, and one with pleasant background, hopefully you won’t nod off. So that make two new posters, yes two.

click on the icons above, and if wish to download them right click after that.

Today,Right here, Right Now…Daily Affirmation Poster

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!
Stewart Smalley.

Al Franken created his affectionately  satirical character  Stewart Smalley
after visiting family support groups for recovering alcoholic.

Stewart Smalley was a charming and gleefully positive unlicensed therapist, whom, himself, was addicted to self help programs, twelve step programs, and therapy. He appeared regularly on “Saturday Nite Live”

One has to have a sense of humor about these sometimes, serious therapies.

After  reviewing my Great achievers with Mental Illness Poster ,
and Fritz Perls: The Gestalt Prayer,
(and the spirit of gestalt therapy creativity!)….

…I have decided to get into the unlicensed Self help game too. (kidding)

today right here right now affirmation poster

So…anyway… here is my “Today, Right here Right Now… Daily Affirmation Poster“:
fill in the blanks with what appropriately comes to mind and say it out loud!
This is just for fun, and to inspire people to create there own affirmation prayer or poster.

Mental Health Poster Fixed… Again



As I stated in my Post:

Pennsylvania Echoes: great achievers with mental illness poster,
I was making a poster. I have been pleasantly surprised that its been popular since I posted on this site.

Unfortunately I have had to fix a couple errors in it.(grammar mistakes)
With the way that image search engines work on the Internet, It makes more sense just to post a new one instead of replacing the image at the origional blog post.

The new, fixed poster (seen on this post) is also available at the Pennsylvania Echoes: Charts Tab.
It can be seen or downloaded in  Jpeg format or PDF format.


My next poster Idea: Great Achievers who are to Lazy to Proof Read.  :P

great acheivers with mental illness poster

great acheivers

I am making a poster for a mental illness resource center. Many people who are newly diagnosed with a mental illness see it has a condemnation or a “death sentence”. thats not true, but the feeling is part of the recovery journey.

Of course i could put thousands of pictures in this poster.
This is just a rough draft i through together from tumbnails on the web.
for a bigger view click on this thumbnail: