day tripper. Inner Harbor & Aquarium Ⅱ

Afternoon adventure South of Pennsylvania. This time (again) Baltimore “Inner Harbor
including the National Aquarium.

Baltimore Inner Harbor has been a favorite retreat of mine for decades. In the mid nineties I would travel to find, then esoteric books and music, Today it is clean family friendly area to visit while the vibrant natives of Baltimore live their lives, joggers, bikers, businessmen, regular folks. plenty of art museums, good restaurants and of course waterways.
see another photo gallery of the national aquarium at

A Day At the Aquarium :: Pennsylvania Echoes


Driving the Tao

The plan for the day was to take my aging parents up to a “butterfly Sanctuary”.
It was my fathers idea. This Sanctuary where thousands of of Butterflies visit, was located near a State Game land Preserve here in Pennsylvania. Take in the Nature and snap some pictures 45 minutes from where i picked my parents up in my car.
As usual ,we never got the directions to destination correct, even though we were pretty familiar with the Roads. We never could find the place… and potential argument was brewing between me and my father. It just seem so important, to my father, to get to  this destination, …fumbling through directions…Just to get to a now lost end point.

I began to get impatient with our ,seemingly desperate, attempt to this Butterfly field, as i noted the irony that we were driving through the hills with tall thick trees and forest. So i deliberately turned the car down a road to get lost. I told my parents we just arent going to get there, so enjoy the nature that is around us.

the Tension in the car broke as we drove through the hills, my mother Watched the Hawks hunt from her car window. the smell of the Pennsylvania Pines came through the car vents.

We drove up near a pond, and i spontaneously decided to stop the car and take some pictures as well as stretch our legs.

When we met the pond we saw butterflies everywhere. We did not come here to find them. and the butterflies did not come here to meet us. They were just being Butterflies.
The pond was just a pond. We were just being spontaneous.

Nature is all around us. By simple  random luck of spontaneity, we found   what we thought we were searching for that afternoon…. After giving up on seeking out so desperately. Its the Nature of Nature.

I have learned over the years, that If I search to hard for something I think is so grand elsewhere, I miss the magic of  what all around my senses. I still live by my spontaneity. It feed my sense of wonder.