friendship and trust a greater communication

nothing is more intimate to me than trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of my personal relationships and most meaningful friendships.

In friendships, I am not overly concerned about loyalties.
friends come and go and comeback again… life throws people around, people fall out of touch and meet up again.

Friendships are not a matter of convenience or contract….”What can I do for you, what can you do for me”.
Friends do make gestures, help one and other. However, for me its not the as important as trust.

my first question, that  I think of, for potential close friend is

Can I trust you.”
Can we trust one and other one this topic and others“.

if we trust one and other than we are free to truly listen to one and other.
when we trust each other, we need not to be on our guards
We can than  really listen to one and other, hear whats being said between the lines of a dialog….
empathize without the need to assert ourselves with judgments.

Thats when we really get to know one and other
and influence one an other.

Friendship is one sense, another form of communication.

At its best friendship is  one of the most sincere, trustworthy and meaningful forms of communications.