two and a half men:my yin and Yang

My favorite comedy on Televison is “Two and a half men”. and I think the show is hilarious and brilliant.
It basically re hashes the old “odd couple theme” between to brothers, Charlie (played Chalie Sheen) and Alan (played by Jon Cryer)

Basically the show is a hilarious Satire on American Male, Each brother represents the polar extreme in male personalities pertaining to sex.

Charlie represents virile “bad boy”, the masculine yang, confident, womanizing and ruthless. These guys are always held in contempt for their misogyny, yet in high regard for their intensity.

Alan represents the “nice guy”. sensitive, smart, perceptive they are guys with a feminine Yin These guys are held high regard for their sense of responsibly, attentiveness, but held in contempt for their hidden lack of esteem.

Most young mainstream males in America have traits of both of this “bad boy”/”nice guy” dynamic. And usually they are pigeon holed as one or the other.

( a little therapy session for the two bros)

Somehow, from Puberty on up, I managed to be Both, at the polar extremes. I was extremely confident, intense, nasty and firey and competitive. At the same time extremely sensitive, perceptive, with the strange belief that I should treat a lady like a lady.

You would think I would be considered well rounded. Nope. I felt guilty for both sides of me, my Yin and Yang traits were always in conflict, I sent mixed singles to everyone and every girl, through my mid twenties.

Of course no one would clue me in, my guy friends (the bastards) didn’t wish to see me take control of my “bad boy side”. Women (succubus) didnt want to allow me to gravitate toward my “nice guy” tendencies. So no one said anything!
I could of use a show like Two and a Half men, fifteen years ago.

Today I have learned to allowed my masculine and feminine traits to flow with one and other. not so much in conflict. With gained awareness, maturity, and the letting go of many of my self judgements I am much better at allow my personality trades flow in integrated fashion. And having a neurotic sense of humor sure helps.

with the confidence I gravitate to my natural masculine side,

I love two and a half man, It is a hilarious send up of the war inside the American male.