Negation – constructive logic

P proposition
¬ P negation of proposition
¬ ¬ P double negation of proposition
P → logical consequence¬ ¬ ¬P same P
⊥ absolute falsehood

¬ P P can be defined as P → ⊥
define ⊥ as Q ∧ ¬ Q for any proposition Q where ∧ logical conjunction.

I infer this statement    defines  absolute falsehood at   where  proposition or object  or value   meets its negation.

this context of the statement is mathematical Logic and uses a two interrelated “propositions”.
the two propositions relationship has an axiom of existence ( Q exists at a time/place ) and “negation (Q no longer exists at some time/place )

my first presumption is that :
if they are absolutely true, then the two propositions are probably opposites. my presumption is a general hunch.
If the conjunction of prepositions or objects is “absolutely false” I presume they do not exist at any space time or “True” mathematical point.

propositions are mathematical expressions or statement. it is assumed if they are “absolutely true ” they are proven or axioms.
An axiom is a proposition regarded as self-evidently true without proof.

what does this say about ” is ” and “is not ” ?
doesn’t the acknowledgement of something, be it a proposition or observation , have to exist before the truth of ” negation ” ?

Gestalt psychologist of the 1930s noted how the human nervous system was prone to erroneously filling in shapes where it sensed as negated objects
SEE Gestalt Definition and Fun With Gestalt images .

Physics importance lies in measurements and testing.
Mathematics importance lies in universal precision.
Gestalt psychologist were interested in human error.
The difference in defining any sort of reality in three schools, lies on the practically of the word “real” and “reality” , respectively.

I brushed up on some math logic, because it pertain to the notion
of ” is and ” is not “.
I think it is impractical to say that nothing exists or everything exist.
Things , objects , groups , gestalts , conversation pieces (i.e movements , styles of art) can be defined elementary by comparing them to what they are not.
examples: what was the humanist movement , what was not the humanist movement
what am I , what am I not.

What this mean, to me: Logic , Physics , gestalt comparison, meditation are tools for a man to shape his subjective reality , ethics, meanings , and daily tasks.
To have a an understanding of boundaries , truth and false , is to understand the his local world to his fullest capabilities.

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