I started writing  Pennsylvania Echoes  because I wanted to improve my grammar.  I chose meditation, mindfulness and how they apply to my daily life, as the blog’s subject matter.  Writing about Mental Health Management has received the most appreciation.
My world- view will not cure mental disorder. but I cannot separate my world view entirely from management or my great concerns for Mental Health.  So I must present my thoughts, and tips on “Mental Wellness” in my own way and from my own experience–  if I am to be honest.
Any information you find is meaningful is presented as is.  There is no Warranty. Too bad I can’t cure my bad grammar.

Diversity and Individual freedom

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What would be the point of championing personal “freedom” without championing “diversity”?.
How can one talk of how fervently he or she values their own ability to make choices, have control of his world view and life styles, what actions they take today and in the future, without regarding the freedom of choices in others?
If one wish to advocate to others his / her ” personal freedom” : What is in it for his audience if they can’t have this same freedom for themselves?

Please excuse my rhetorical device…. No one actually to told me that they disdain diversity today . I am just entertaining the idea that social diversity and personal freedom go hand and hand.
After all, I expect that a large group of people, a community made up of individuals who enjoy their freedoms , would result in a community made up of individuals who act…

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Agnostic Conditions

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Agnostic – definition: not knowing or unknowing

What, then is the definition of Agnosticism?. If the definition of the root agnostic is “not knowing, or unknowing”, it is doubtful that one can define any full intellectual system of Agnosticism.–Much in the same manner one cannot with other “-isms” such as existentialism or postmodernism.
I was thinking about Jean-François Lyotard’s phrase: ” Postmodern Condition” , which is  a loose  bundle  of observations and criticisms about Modernism. (specifically: these postmodern conditions are conditions that expose Modern ideas of “progress, “Meta-Narratives”, “cause-effect”,”objectivity” of Modernity as fallacious. ).

I wonder that if instead of an “Agnosticism”, there was  a set of Agnostic Conditions, that were a reaction to theories of knowledge.
So I came up with a few agnostic conditions of my own:


  • Our total knowledge of all details is limited.
  • Nothing is absolutely known. What is “known”…

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Checking in on Depression and wellness


Repost… quick tips to remember to stay connected…

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I don’t always want to know I am depressed.
I’ll deny it even when I feel miserable.

If I admit it to myself, I have to deal with, the hard to shake notion that” my occasional depression is a weakness of mine”.

If I admit it to others I have to deal with that, that hard to shake notion, that “my depression is a weakness’.

Or I have to deal with other people trying to fix me, or worrying, or giving me there advice on how to cheer up today.

my being depressed…. is scary.
It is the nature of those like me who manage bipolar disorder to deny our unstable moods from time to time.

But this morning, after taking a walk I realized I am feeling depressed.
Because it is difficult to tell how my bipolar disorder affected mood is sometimes, I have a series of personalized tricks…

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Reposted… Te.

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In the ancient philosophy of Taoism,

Te flower.jpg
Te (Teh) is Virtue:  or  the personal truth and strength that one cultivates. It describes the way one cultivates himself and harmonizes with Tao.

Tao is defined as constancy and way all flows. I like to think of the word “Tao” as a default word to describe the totality of all the principles that govern physics, except that Tao, by definition… is mystical and lies beyond man’s  scope of knowledge.
Taoism is holistic. So Te is more than just intellectualizing ethics or a list of values. Te is acting (or idling) with character, being with ethics, being with authenticity, and being in manners that harmonize with Tao. Te applies to the person or organism as it lives in connection and integration with Nature or “the world”. Te is a quality.

If there is really a difference between wisdom…

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Slowing down that chattering mind subvocalizing



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Typically much of ones thinking process is thinking in spoken language. I have unscientifically dubbed this process subvocalizing, some people label  the process “inner dialogue“, “inner monologue“, or “thinking-to- myself“.
One  utilizes subvocalization for   problem solving, reading and writing, deciding, daydreaming, or just reflecting on an event.

Although  Zennists , such as I,work to minimize subvocalizing, it appears that subvocalization remains an important daily process.

what happens if subvocalization becomes to intense or “loud”?   What is one to do if  thoughts seem like they  are racing and speeding out of control?   The chattering is no longer a helpful tool … but an intrusive hindrance. – shifting one’s attention from the present moment or task-at- hand to wordy thoughts.

A couple tips I have learned over the years to slow down a chattering mind:

“Purge to paper” Journaling :

When having…

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Artist and Appreciator (Repost)


Sand Art: impermance, figure-Ground phenomenology..

Originally posted on Pennsylvania Echoes:

Revised posted

Artist and Appreciator” was originally posted on May 3, 2009

Vivaldi’s “the Four Seasons: Spring ”
& Sand Animation film by Ferenc Cak

you tube video posted by franzhun

(I particularly love this video at 1:45 where the artist starts with the image of birds in the sky…that transforms into a figure the face of a woman, then the figure if filled in with emotive facial expression.)

I am both envious and appreciative of Artists. they are able to pull figures out of backgrounds with a few strokes on a canvas.
Often its just a swirl and a sweep of lines, enough to provoke the art appreciator (in this case, me)..
to fill in the rest with his mind, experience and emotions.

The Artist and Appreciator together form images and share aesthetics on the common meeting- ground of a canvas… The Artist and the Appreciator…

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The funny way we communicate


Reposted: Ever get this feeling? classic cartoon from Gary Larson… creater of the “Farside”.

Originally posted on Pennsylvania Echoes:

Gary Larson’s The Far Side has always been one of my favorite Comic strips.
I think that this cartoon is one of the funniest comments on communication follies.
(And Yes…poking a little fun at science as well).

Gary Larsons funny dolphins and scientists

I have been both the “scientist” and the “dolphin” in some of my clumsiest conversations.

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