I started writing  Pennsylvania Echoes  because I wanted to improve my grammar.  I chose meditation, mindfulness and how they apply to my daily life, as the blog’s subject matter.  Writing about Mental Health Management has received the most appreciation.
My world- view will not cure mental disorder. but I cannot separate my world view entirely from management or my great concerns for Mental Health.  So I must present my thoughts, and tips on “Mental Wellness” in my own way and from my own experience–  if I am to be honest.
Any information you find is meaningful is presented as is.  There is no Warranty. Too bad I can’t cure my bad grammar.

Workday ergonomics, floating and Fighting

Early writing – on the importance of
posture, flowing , and Ergonomics —
Dance through your workday!

Pennsylvania Echoes

A  kayaker    is paddling on a fast current river.
If he paddles up stream he requires much more energy to over come the resistance. He is fighting river current.
If kayaker paddles turns his boat to move with ther current. He requires little resistance and can move easily with the current. He is floating with the river current.
Fighting and floating.

In industrial jobs,like mine, a worker is often required to heavey repetive work.
I have often explain to the younger workers around me how to “float” in their job and not “fight”. It good to challenge ones self at a job, but over long periods of time,  one is better  off working with bodily efficiency , moving smoothly with as little resistance as possible.

Some of the young guys will pick up huge loads of material to load  machine. and Ram it into the machine.they have to load…

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Arthritis Pain Management Charts, updated formats

Ⓟ pain management tracking templates for self awareness Ⓟ —

Pennsylvania Echoes

 .Arthritis chart. jpg1  .arthritis jpg 2
 Word and Writer   PDF and Spreadheet

I’ve added to the free downloadable Arthritis Pain Management Chart:
The new formats include Doc(MS Word) ODT (Writer)  XLS (Excel)  in addition to the previous PDF version.

Arthritis Pain Management charts are a handy way to study triggers and pain symptoms for ones management with his doctor or health care professionals.  Simply fill out the chart once a day.
The downloads are free for use… as is.
for the downloads click on the links below:

Sorry.   Libre Office/ Open Office spreadsheet format not available right now.

More Charts are available on the Charts Tab…

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Daily Emotions Chart for Special Needs Children

Flashback repost —
updated version with an html templates:
¶:https://echopen.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/simple-daily-emotions-chart-for-children-revised/ :¶ more templates: ¶: https://echopen.wordpress.com/charts/

Pennsylvania Echoes

I have a friend with a special needs child. She told me  that, she was upset. She  unable to communicate what she saw in her child’s behavior at home to her sons teachers at school. Her son’s teachers were having a very difficult time managing him at school. Because the child was diagnosed with a mood disorder (as well as some serious behavioral problems and patterns)
I suggested having him fill out  a mood chart to aid in comparing his behavior with affect over time. Somewhere I found an hourly mood chart on the WEB, downloaded it, and made some copied her.
I found out a couple months later, That the teachers at the school were actually sitting down and filling out the chart with her son. My friend was filling it out the chart at home as well and sharing with case workers and her child’s psychiatrist.

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Subvocalization, Inner Speech and Intrusive Thinking

a study-response on subvocalization —

Pennsylvania Echoes

If you listen carefully as you read this post, you will notice a faintly audible  whisper of the the words you are reading. It may be the same whisper you use to think in the symbols and code of language. It maybe an on going monologue or diaogue one has with his or herself, or narrative of scenes played out inside ones head. This overall process is dubbed “inner speech“, “inner monologue“,   “inner dialogue” or Subvocalization, depending on what you read.   Subvocalization is term usually used in the context of reading. However, because of the active verb subvocalizing, or to subvocalize, I prefer to use it here.
To subvocalize is more specific than to think, as one can “visualize” ,  “Be mindful“, feel, or even speed read while thinking without that low audible whisper of…

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Agnosticism, After life, and my pet Cat.

I dont know —
thoughts on prioritizing the “need to know”

Pennsylvania Echoes

To clearly understand my agnostic view point on death, one must understand that some questions and beliefs have different level of importances.
an example.

Many  Quantum Mathematicians have posed mathematical possibilities
of  parallel universes, universe with different rules than our universe, even a “multi-verse“.

There is little empirical proof in our living world or close proximities in the universe, that other universes truly exist…
…not enough to top all reasonable doubt.
Just the same, not enough empirical evidence to dismiss other universes outside our own.  So it remains a mathematical possibility.

with that said, I don’t know if  parallel universes or a multi-verse  exist.
Do I need to proclaim   one of the statements….

  • I  actively believe in a  multi-verse!
  • I actively do not believe in a muliti-verse!.

Well if my career was astrophysics whether I believe or not, maybe important.
For the curiosity’s sake,  the possibility is…

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Alan Watts talks the human game (revised)

Alan Watts ans a Universe at Play —

Pennsylvania Echoes

Alan Watts speaks of  human game , where he states much of our anxiety is our temporal interpretation of a “universe at play”:

video (with background  music )posted at Youtube by Mrdandylionfave.

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The Golden Rule and Dignity

Regard, Respect & expectation of treatment between two :

“ownership {self-interests self-importance, property} ”

and “Other”.

Pennsylvania Echoes

From subjective lenses,  I ( the first person perspective of my day -to-day reality),  observe and interact with other people in my-world.

Other people are not me (or “I”) , but other people are like me…and with compassion and relatedness in experiential interaction … I assume that they are more than mere objects:
living-subjects immersed in their lives,   like I am in mine, overlapping existence.

With that in mind,
I think that I would treat other people, these subjects (as I am a subject of my-world)….
I would treat them as I would want to treat myself . Just the same I wish to be treated as more than a mere object, I would expect to be respected by others as they would respect and treat themselves.

I am to treat others as I would want to be  treated.
— A variant of the “golden…

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